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Default OT: Eric Bischoff Backstage At Raw Tonight

Former RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff has been seen wandering around Ford Arena – the site of tonight’s RAW.

What is so surprising about Bischoff’s presence is that he hasn’t been involved with WWE since he was fired last December by Mr. McMahon. So why is Bischoff showing up now? Perhaps, it’s because the WWE Chairman and Shane McMahon are out of commission from the beating they suffered at Unforgiven; with no GM on RAW to take control while the McMahons recover, there’s an opening for someone to take over.

Is Bischoff trying to move back into WWE while the McMahons are recovering? If so, how does Jonathan Coachman feel about this? Coachman, who is currently Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant, once worked for Bischoff during his tenure as General Manager.

So why is Bischoff in Oklahoma City? Hopefully this question will be answered on RAW tonight at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.
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