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Default Re: Shaq says Spurs will pay for "Hack-A-Shaq"


yeah Shaq needs to stop whining and make his free throws....

Shaq is whining soooo much even the Suns fans are saying he whines too much...

Shaq's rant an airball in Phoenix

Spurs World -

By now you have surely seen Shaquille O'Neal's comments calling the Spurs "cowardly" for intentionally fouling him. If not, see Jeff McDonald's blog on the subject.

While nobody in these parts seems to have reacted with anything more than a chuckle, it's worth noting how his words were taken in the Valley of the Sun.

Paola Brown, Arizona Republic
Forgive me, Mr. Supersized Saguaro, but please don't turn into a purveyor of fine whines and flambeed excuses. Your history as one of the NBA's more dominating and entertaining players doesn't mean it's OK to shoot from the hip but not from the line.
Arizona Republic Sports News - Phoenix Arizona Newspaper Sports -

Bob Young, Arizona Republic
Now, seriously, we know the Big Bricklayer isn't going to make the Spurs pay by hitting free throws. If he could, he'd have done it in the playoffs.
Arizona Republic Sports News - Phoenix Arizona Newspaper Sports -

And this from a writer who covers another Western Conference team:

John DeShazier, New Orleans Times-Picayune
Absent clothes, the emperor looks like a guy that can't make foul shots, but takes issue with opponents who have the audacity to challenge him to make foul shots. Especially under conditions other than the conditions the he considers fair.
On Sports with John DeShazier - Times-Picayune - October 2008 Archives
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