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Originally Posted by Joey Zaza
Its not a drinking problem - its a behavior problem, a maturity problem, a judgment problem.

I will pass on a guy for that. Especially a senior who played at a great program - where behavior, maturity, and judgment should have already been learned. Makes me think its innate. We've seen it bite teams enough times to make me weary.
It's one incident. How many players do you think have never done anything wrong? Being from Duke really doesn't even matter (Jay Williams was from Duke, too, but he still rode a motorbike). We could name hundreds of players that did something bad at one time or another. Marcus Williams stole computers but is considered a lottery pick. Jason Kidd got a DUI. And we could go on.

And going back to a prior post, why'd you bring up the "freakish athlete"-business anyway? Like they can't be just as messed up by "problems?"
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