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Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
And going back to a prior post, why'd you bring up the "freakish athlete"-business anyway? Like they can't be just as messed up by "problems?"

Just saying that there are guys out therethat might turn into better basketball players than Reddick, but will get picked later because we know Reddick, he is developed, now, he seems immature, reckless and irresponsible.

He was saying if he's going to draft a guy with problems, he wants Randy Moss, not Wayne Chrebet.

The Kidd compaison is perfect. He had immatiruty issues in Dallas, failing ot get along with Mash and JJ. He had behavior problems in phx, beating his wife, forcing them to trade him, because that doesn't fly in Phx.

You think Dallas was happy with the Kidd pick? Their #2 pick, should've led their franchise for 10 years. Instead he lasted 2.5 losing season there. Maybe Dallas could've picked G.Hill and they wouldn't have needed 5 more years before going back to the playoffs.
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