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Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
His decisions were made almost entirely on polling data.

Oh you mean .. doing what the American people want?! I understand this notion of listening to the voters is kind of alien to a Bush supporter (or as we call them in the liberal-biased world of "reality": fascists!)..

And Bush will forever be known for:

- Sitting on his ass while reading My Pet Goat as 2 planes crashed into the World Trade Center and another into the Pentagon.
- Claiming that Saddam had WMD.
- Going into war with Iraq without knowing there was a difference between Sunni and *****e Muslims and the Kurds.
- A record defecit
- $3/gallon gas
- Failing to capture Osama bin Laden, the man that should be America's Public Enemy #1.
- Pissing off almost every single ally America has.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, too.

He was listed by C-SPAN's 58 historians as 2nd to last in moral authority, next to Richard Nixon.

There's a difference between being 2nd to last in "moral authority" and the "2nd worst president."

"OH NOES!@!!! BILL CLINTONZ HAD TEH AFFARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA IS CRUMBLKING!!!!!!!! L"

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