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Originally Posted by Trade
12 people (i got lucky)

Why how many people did you think

Seems like everyone is doing bigger leagues these days so 12 doesn't seem like much anymore. The one I'm in had 16 people in it and I had the last pick. My starting 5 are Billups, Hamilton, RJ, Krstic and Yao.

I'm not a big fan of Chandler, but he'll pretty much guarantee you win rebounds since you already have DHoward, Randolph, and your starting guards all rebound well. I'm not a fan of taking guys that are going to be on the shelf, so I don't see the Gasol loss as a big one...for now.

Claxton will put up better numbers than Foye, almost guaranteed, so I like that.

I sort of expect Francis to have a nice year for some reason, so you may be missing out there. However, Tayshaun won't hurt you in any area and he's a model of health (3 seasons in a row of 82 games) so he's definitely a safe bet.

Overall I'd say you took the safe road and passed on a potentially stronger group of guys, but by no means did you get raped like some are saying. Decent deal depending on the needs of each side.

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