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Default Re: Daisy of Love Casting Call: Vote in a ISH member

Originally Posted by JayGuevara
So, I did a lil bit of research, and this girl isn't even that sexy really. I mean, her body looks solid, but her face kinda gives me eerie vibes on some occasions. I seen a couple pictures where I'm not confident if we're talkin pre-op or post-op tranny.

Which if I was to somehow defy logic and get on this show, I'd be even moreso about the free liquor than before, cuz I might have to let the liquor do the thinkin on attempting to slay her.
She's not sexy to me, and a picture does little to convey that to you. So if you got on the show, you probably wouldn't be the only one there for the tv time, the free mansion, andthe drinks.
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