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Default Re: Daisy of Love Casting Call: Vote in a ISH member

Originally Posted by haterofhaters
She's not sexy to me, and a picture does little to convey that to you. So if you got on the show, you probably wouldn't be the only one there for the tv time, the free mansion, andthe drinks.

Oh well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And I have no shame in takin one for the team, and gettin on TV and finding ways to incorporate any questions I'm asked into something about ISH. I think it'll go a lil somethin like this...

Q: Well Jay, it looks like the cards aren't in your favor this time, what are you gonna do?

A: Ah yes, this reminds me of a time back on when J Fresh had his basketball stolen from him, and the deck was stacked against him too. Nobody thought he could get it back. It was taken by some kids at the Y that he barely knew, it was a travesty if I say so myself.

Q: Well, what happened? Did he get the ball back?

A: No. He admitted to not getting it back, and then lied to say he did. But at least he didn't get his ass kicked and lost his dignity as well as his brand new basketball. But then again, he was really fond of women's cargo pants, so maybe he didn't have any dignity either...

Q: What the hell was the point of that story?"

A: If you can't see the direct correlation between that story and my scenario, you must be blind. Probably can't even see that GOBB is over 24,000 posts now.
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