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Many Americans are interested in a Universal Health Care system. If Clinton did nothing but rely on polls, he would have not pushed for something that "America didn't want".

He leaned to the left, for sure, but he wasn't really a true liberal.

True, that was a case were he dipped his toe into unchartered territory, got badly burned, and retreated to his comfort zone

Just out of curriosity, who are the 4 above him (in economics)?

Clinton's morality was not good, by any means, but his failing was a personal issue (ie adultary with ugly interns). Clinton did not own slaves. He did not propose sending all blacks to Africa. He was not quoted in "Birth of a Nation" giving support to the KKK (calling them saviors of the South) and segregating Washington, while at the same time trying to promote "freedom in Europe" and even making statements supporting the NAACP. Clinton was not the first President to cheat on his wife. He simply had more effort going into exposing it, so he lied about it and was caught.

I don't know who the four ahead of him were in economics. Jennings told Clinton in their interview that he was rated fifth among CSPAN's selected historians. Clinton seemed very pleased with this. PJ then told Clinton that he was rated 2nd to last in moral authority and that's were he lost it and started issuing threats. I am watching CSI right now, but I am sure you can easily find the CSPAN historian data by googling it.

I am guessing that the historian's interpretation of moral authority was based on ethics of the times, and not revisionist ideals.

If Clinton's problems were limited to just adultery, his image would have fared much better but the fact rape and sexual harrassment surrounded at least 3 of them women he was with definitely made things worse. The wagging of his finger at America in conjured up anger while lything through his teeth didn't help matters much either.
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