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The problems with Path to 9/11 are:

1) ABC/Disney said it would not get involved in politics and refused to distribute Fahrenheit 911. Yet, Path to 9/11 is somehow fine to air on TV.
2) The movie was supposed to be based on 9/11 Commission Report. It contained scenes that never occured. A few of them were removed (negative scenes with Clinton that never occured), but some of them were kept in (positive scenes with Bush that never occured).

Depending on which study you want to cite anywhere from 5-10 times as many media members consider themselves liberal versus conservative. It wasn't the media who twisted the "L" word, it was liberal's insecurity of how mainstream America view's their extreme ideals. Conservatives saw blood in the water when liberals tried to shy away of bringing their true values to light instead standing tall and being proud of what they represent.

Doesn't matter if they consider themselves liberal or conservative. Their actions are what determine their status. You can't call yourself a conservative and then support government spying on all American citizens. Just like you can't call yourself a liberal and support nuking all of the Middle East.

Seriously, look at the scandals Clinton was accused of compared to the scandals Bush has been accused of:

1) Affair(s) -- who cares. It's his personal life. $100 million was spent investigating Monica. Almost 1/10th that was spent investigating 9/11.
2) Murder -- Vince Foster
3) Whitewater -- Clintons lost money on the deal.
4) Various other miscellaneous accusations. Basically he was accused of having a hand in every single murder and/or drug deal that went down in the state of Arkansas.

Compare to what you could accuse Bush of:

1) Criminal negligence in the months leading up to 9/11
2) Wire tapping American citizens without a warrant
3) Torturing prisoners. Prisoners that did not receive a trial and in a few cases, were released when it was realized (a year later) that they had the wrong person.
4) Lying about Iraq's WMD capabilities.
5) Failing to capture bin Laden
6) Theft of the vote. Bypassing the system that keeps America democratic, the people's vote, by halting a recount of votes in Florida. Why be afraid of letting the people's voice be heard loud and clear? Instead, he did a very "democratic" thing: he went to a court and had them stop the recount. Gosh, that sounds like something one of those ACLU-loving liberals would do..

Indeed, the "liberal" media spent much more time running special after special about Whitewater than they did NSA wiretapping Americans. Or secret prisons. Let me know when the "liberal" media runs a special "Is the media too pro-war?" Because I always see the "Is the media too anti-war?" arguments out there. It's like this self-flaggelation the media does to appease right wing maniacs that have it in their head that the media is liberal because Hollywood likes gays or something.

The fact that Bush refused to go along with the Kyoto Protocol in 2001(?) pissed Europe off even more.

Yeah laugh it up buddy. You won't think it's so funny when all your kids have asthma and you can't stand out in the sun for more than 15 minutes.

Even if Clinton held a 4th consecutive term and we never went into Iraq, we would still be be unpopular to most of the world and Islamic fundamentalists would still be trying to kill us. Until China emerges on the world's stage as a player of the USA's magnitude, we will have a target on our backs

Part of that is because.. well.. get this.. he's not a liberal. None of these supposed "liberals" in the government are actually liberals. So long as America continues to support Israel's ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of Palestinian territories, we're going to have Islamic terrorists that hate us. Our great friend and ally, Israel, dropped atleast 100,000 CLUSTER BOMBS on Lebanon in the final 3-4 days of the conflict, AFTER A UN RESOLUTION HAD BEEN REACHED. Who is a cluster bomb more likely to kill: a Hezbollah fighter, or an unsuspecting child?

Who provides those weapons? America does. The "liberals" do. And then we we wonder why the hate us! Must be our freedom!

Also if Clinton had a 4th term, we might have been able to prevent 9/11. Bush sat around with a thumb up his ass the first 9 months of his presidency. The adminstration simply refused to listen ("bin Laden determined to strike in US",1 month before 9/11). Bush wanted to pin 9/11 on Saddam from the start. PNAC needed a new Pearl Harbor to start their new road map for the Middle East.

"The national representatives of the social conservative movement used to be sophisticated and tolerant. Today, they are sophomoric and angry." - D1ck Armey

That D1ck Armey quote sums you up fairly nice. Ease off the ad hominen attacks. They do nothing to bolster your argument. Only make you look like a hothead.

You want to know who a real liberal is? Someone like Noam Chomsky. He's a real liberal. Ralph Nader.. He's a real liberal. Liberals are anti-corporation. Anti-war. They don't support NAFTA and WTO. Nader and Chomsky are two of my favorite people, too.

(Before someone misconstrues "anti-corporation", you need to understand what a corporation is and how it operates. Liberals have no problem with BUSINESSES or CAPITALISM.)

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