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1. Why did the government submit photos to dispute the conspiracy theorist, the ones taken by the parking lot cameras, you know the one that shows a ball of flames and a blurred image of what they say was the 757 commercial plane ? The same picture that has been floating around since day one. This is a clear case of trying to put this whole mess to rest and hoping that dummies will believe it, (oh my, I guess it worked pretty well). Instead of showing the film footage from the cameras that were confiscated, that probably shows the real deal.

2. Why didn't the pictures of the ones that the SSG in the Pentagon take immediately after the attack show any wreckage of the plane. She gave some to the newspapers.

3. How can an inexperienced pilot maneuver a plane in the manner in which it would have had to be maneuvered.

4. What happened to the air security over the pentagon during this time. Would we be led to believe that we completely let our guard down, especially after we knew that we were under attack.

That's all for now, I tried to keep it short so that I can keep your attention for a little bit.
The fact of the matter is, there are missing pieces that are clearly out there, unless those missing pieces are brought to light and an independant inquiry is conducted, there are still going to be doubts, both ways.

Now, once again guys, and try to stay with me on this. The above Questions have not been answered. We need the hard evidence to put this to rest.
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