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Originally Posted by bringthetruth
Instead of showing the film footage from the cameras that were confiscated, that probably shows the real deal.

I think you mean "possibly". Probably would mean you had even a small amount of proof. Possibly on the other hand, just requires the lack of evidence. It Possibly shows aliens blowing up the Pentagon.

How can an inexperienced pilot maneuver a plane in the manner in which it would have had to be maneuvered.

That depends on the definition of "inexperienced". For example (going from the Loose Change video) it quotes Marcel Bernard as saying that Hanjour was not an experienced pilot. It leaves off another quote from Benard where he says that he thought that Hanjour would have been capable of flying the plane into the Pentagon, but that Hanjour just needed help landing the plane.

The way the plane was maneuvered was considered "unsafe".

This is in regard to the pentagon explosion , NOT WTC

I know someone who saw a Commercial Airliner flying at the Pentagon.
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