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Originally Posted by pgm
I know someone who saw a Commercial Airliner flying at the Pentagon.
And I can point you in the direction of a bold-faced liar.

I've worked at the Pentagon over a year now. I work with and around people who have been there for years. Not one person actually saw the plane hit the building. Not one. Many heard the explosion but no one seen a plane. Hell, most don't even remember hearing a plane.

A few more golden nuggets I've picked up in my time at the Pentagon.

There are over 1000 camera pointed at the Pentagon and its immediately perimeter. These cameras are monitored around the clock. For the only video to be as poor quality as it was is shocking to say the least.

The Pentagon Police Officer who was supposed to be in that area was not. He was said to have abandoned post without permission. That's a terminable offense, yet he wasn't terminated. He was actually transferred to the Pentagon's PA site a few weeks later.

Not the "Smoking Gun" that points to a conspiracy but to act like there is nothing weird about what the public was told happened is just foolish
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