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Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
All Americans are entitled to some form of health care. Hell even the illegal aliens aren't denied health care if it is necessary. Most of Americans like myself are covered by some of the best health care the world has to offer. Certain things like prescription drugs being so expensive could be better, but hey no system is perfect.

Illegal immigrants are entitled to "emergency hospitalization"; e.g. child birth.

A National Health Care system is not a bad idea. It's a way for the government to protect it's least fortunate citizens. As long as there is a way to pay for it without significantly raising taxes, cutting from another important field, or engaging in severe budget deficits, there is nothing wrong with a National Health Care system.

If Clinton is confident of his stature and legacy, then how come he falls all over himself everytime some interviewer doesn't throw him a softball question?

Clinton was annoyed because he was told the questions would be about humanitarian efforts. Although I think in some ways his flip-out was to show Democrats have a spine (i.e. I think the reaction may have been pre-planned). I've heard him answer that question on more than one occassion before in a calm and peaceful manner.
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