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Da Ko, sorry it took me so long to respond.

Originally Posted by Da KO King
She saw a plane flying low and very fast. Nothing unusual in this area.

She thought it was unusual at the time (as did others in the building). It was unusual enough to make her go out to the window to look at it as it flew past.

There are other witnesses who say they saw a commercial airplane.

Third, are you confident your friend can tell different plane types apart? Plane body styles are very similar to one another. There is no telling what type of plane she saw.

That's a fair point. It's hard to tell the difference between a large military plane and a large commercial plane. What do you think happened to Flight 77 and the people aboard?

Again I can't say for certain what happened in Arlington, New York, or Shanksville. All I know is that anyone that dismisses the "other" theories of what happened are being foolish. You should at least consider other options. To accept the Gov't account of what happened as fact is a leap of faith I can't make.

I'm don't like to simply accept the government explanation, but the alternative stretches reason beyond what I can handle. The NIST report is thorough and makes sense to me. It's possible that Al Qaeda did not fly planes into buildings, but I believe someone did.
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