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Default Re: Nets 2008-2009 Pregame/In Game/Postgame Discussion

I think that in order for us to make the playoffs this year or have any success for that matter, we need to win the games that are within our reach. This is why games like the GS game at home are crucial. 2-1 looks a lot better than 1-2. And when those wins/losses accumulate, it could be the difference between a playoff spot and the bottom of the east.

We're going to lose games against teams like Phoenix, I really don't mind this loss at all. They're the better team. But it's teams like GS that we're going to have to find a way to beat, especially at home. We're a young team, and hopefully we improve as the season progresses.

Home games against like NY, Milwaukee, Charlotte, etc. are must win games. With Kidd last season and two seasons ago, we could at least get a few wins against the best teams. I doubt we can get more than one or two this year.
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