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Default Re: Do I "waste" my waiver claim on Nene?

Ok, I'm good with it if he's an absolute own, but now who do I drop?

Daniels - Probably the most obvious, but he's played well and is getting 30-35 mins as long as Dunleavy is out. If it comes to Dunleavy having surgery (and the news on him continues to seem negative), Daniels could maintain his current value for quite some time. However, I don't expect him to get scooped up immediately by someone in my league and it seems like he's a "dime a dozen" type of FA.

Lopez - Probably who I SHOULD drop, since I was only holding him for defensive stats and potential later in the year. I like the idea of stashing him away on the bench, just in case one of my Cs goes down in a two center league.

TT - Even though he's been stymied right now, I see him maintaining the most value down the line. Someone will want his steals and blocks in a 2for1 later down the road IMO.

So based on these ramblings, I'd drop Daniels first. Agree with that or disagree?
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