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Default KLove, Telfair, DelWest, KLowry

I am going to try to win (we have monthly category competition) this month's Steals, and in 2 months, Rebounds... as well as build a solid team.... check out my moves and considerations please, thanks!

(10 player Yahoo Keeper League w/TO's)

#10 Amare Stoudemire (keeper from last year)
#11 Baron Davis
#27 Rashard Lewis (traded up 3 spots, wanted to make sure i get him)
#34 Jason Richardson (traded down 3 spots for above)
#50 Chris Kaman
#51 Andres Biedrins
#70 Brad Miller
#71 Randy Foye
#90 Manu Ginobili
#91 Derrick Rose
#110 Rafer Alston - Picked up Mario Chalmers instead
#111 Jameer Nelson
#130 Chris Duhon - Picked up James Posey instead

Now, my top list of FA:

- Kevin Love (may start soon they say)
- Delonte West (ranked #11 in Yahoo, gotta be better than loser Jameer right???)
- Sebastian Telfair may get some starts alongside Foye, tough choice, will probably pass on this unless Foye gets injured
- Ditto with Kyle Lowry... but i'll keep an eye on him

I've always loved what Klove could bring to the table so..... and Delonte may have too much upside to ignore right now, I had him 3 seasons ago and did very well for me when he got playing time... he never gets respect as a starter for some reason.
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