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Default Re: Pick up who? Garcia/Nate/Chandler

Originally Posted by benJAMin
Drop Udrih for Garcia.

What cats are you tanking? With only Baron and Felton, maybe you could deal them away and tank assists. None of your other guys rack up assists anyway. Deal Baron for Iggy. Deal Felton for Dalembert/Okafor/Chandler or someone similar to get blocks and boards. You'd dominate 3's, boards, steals, and have good blocks and fg%. Just a thought.

I'm actually tanking FG% and TOs. David Lee and Bynum shot terribly and that has killed that cat both weeks. I like the Felton idea, I just hope someone takes it. So far, cats that I'm strongest in is Rebounds/Blocks/Steals. I'm in the middle in assists, points, and FT%.

I figure I could go for FG%, Rebounds, Blocks, Steals/3s/and possibly Points?

The only concern I have about grabbing Garcia is that I'll have to injured players on the bench. (Manu and Garcia) I'm going to win this week, but I'll need more players next week. We are playing daily line up changes, so that might hurt me. Any news on when Garcia returns? Thanks for the insightful thoughts.
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