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Default Re: Welcome to the Charlotte Bobcats fan forum!

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
A lot of it is inherent in the game, matchups and positions. Usually a team will have one or two rocks that get pretty much the same numbers every night. All the others are variable depending on the matchups, play calling, etc. And then, of course, sometimes the shot just isn't falling. Right now Mek is our rock, both offensively and defensively. I think in LB's system, he really doesn't care who else is scoring as long as it happens while we play good team defense. The Knicks game was as balanced as our scoring has been among the starters yet. I think we're coming along.

Okay so I listened to the commentary tonight a bit more than usual and I think that I understand what you're saying. That doesn't mean that I believe that consistency of play is less important I just understand your point better because it was illustrated by Gerald Wallace's play tonight--helping to win the game on defense rather than offense.
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