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Default I TOLD U ALL, Raptors need a "ISO" Guard!

I TOLD U ALL, Raptors need that versatile guard who can help out Bosh when they are doubling on the post ...... ATL has Joe Johnson which we all know what he did tonight when toronto played ATL ..... They lost BADLY to the Hawks who DIDNT EVEN HAVE THERE 2nd BEST PLAYER! ...... Toronto needs someone who can guard high level SG and SF and ALSO CREATE FOR HIM SELF .... we have to go over the tax right now because we are just 1 key guard player away from being a elite team ....... until than Toronto will be on the same level has like Bulls, Bobcats, and them .... ATL, Philly and all them are making movements, they all have ISO GUARDS and post players ....we have that post player but we need that ISO GUARD to keep the defense honest! I TOLD YOU ALL!!!!!!
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