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Default Re: I TOLD U ALL, Raptors need a "ISO" Guard!

I like Battier's defense and he would be easier to acquire than other guys but he's another player who is glued to one spot on the floor on offense. He moves less than Anthony Parker on offense.

I guess it depends on the luxury tax thing. If the Raptors can go into it then you aim higher than Battier. If you can't then I guess you hope to get Battier without giving up TOO much.

And I don't think Colangelo ever said he has backing to go into luxury tax territory, simply that he would consider it. The only quote I ever saw was that he would "recommend it to the board". That is far from being allowed to do it.

Ugh, let's not even talk about drafts any more. The Raptors have had 3 chances to draft All-Star caliber SG/SF's and passed every time. I feel like kicking myself everything I think of Iggy, Granger and Gay.
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