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Default Re: Crawford for Horford

Originally Posted by benJAMin
How badly do you need a C? Horford has been weak, but his game without Smoov last night was very solid. I seem to remember you being a bit dependent on Crawford's assists and threes as well, but maybe I'm wrong?

I lost Tparker for a month, and yes Jamal's 3's make a big impact on me. Horford and Jamal actually get similar dimes, but obviously that won't remain the same. I don't need a C in terms of position, it's getting the extra bds and blks, less TOs.

Basically I would move to the top in blks and bds (10 and 10 from say 7 and 7), and fall to middle of the pack in 3's (9 to a 5/6) and scoring.

But, how good could Jamal be with D'Antoni. I looked at some numbers without that 0-6 stinker, and he's like 48% FG!!....23 ppg and 3.8 3's! I know you have to count every game, but he's overall been very good.

Horford can't remain at 8 and it's a tough call for me.
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