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he also has the rockets above the nets which seems silly to me- they don't even have a solid first-string much less a reliable bench. at least the nets have one of the better first-strings in the league. not to mention t-mac is a walking injury waiting to happen and he's essential to them being considered a good team

also, he's criticising thorn for adding what looked like good depth to the team on paper which didn't work out last year yet at the same time rating the bulls so high solely because of adding depth on paper. who says their team chemistry actually works out with the new pieces? who says skiles doesn't grate on the kids or burn out? and then he also says the bulls played the heat the toughest last year. baloney- the mavs did, and second i would rate the nets. before cliffy got tossed and RJ had a nagging injury the nets were rolling. and other than the one blowout loss i seem to recall the nets playing the heat plenty tough in all the other games.

just shows how this ranking stuff is usually a bunch of hot air. he has teams moving up and down all year like mexican jumping beans mostly on the basis of mini-win streaks...
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