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Originally Posted by RidonKs
Wow, Bigboi. I was just kdding around man. Didn't you see my followup post in the other thread.

And Glove, it was a good trade for both sides. I DESPERATELY needed a PG, and I have basically given up on rebounds all together for my team. I also had an abundance of SF's, including Bron, MoPete, Dunleavey, and Charlie V. Bigboi needed a bigtime player, and he only had one SF on his team before the trade.

Thus, a pretty equal trade for both sides. So, what you said in the post before.
I knew you were kidding, i made this thread before you posted there.
I just wanted to get some opinions on the trade. Usually someone comes around and gives a fantasy breakdown of some of the main players and offers their opinion. Which can be useful or be full of crap.
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