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Default Re: OT: Lil Wayne Opinions

Originally Posted by funkylikemonkey
Anyone want to help me name all the rappers with the prefix 'lil?

Lil Jon
Lil Wayne
Lil Scrappy

I'm sure there's more.

Add Yung to the mix

Yung Joc
Young Dro
Yung Berg
Young Sir the whitest host of that one B.E.T. show eva!
Lil Mama
Lil Boosie
Young Gunners
Lil Kim

Anywaysss I absolutely adore Lil Wayne. He may not be traditionally handsome, but his swagger is just incredible. And his voice is soo cracked up, unique that I just have to like him. You could also tell he's not dumb from his vast knowledge/references in his lyrics. Just make sure not to stick with Lollipop and Mr. Carter, and dive into a "Sky is the Limit" once in a while :)
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