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Default JR Smith or Pietrus?

Who would you rather have on this team? Or who is better overall for the year?
JR Smith had a flash of hope the other night, but I've been thinking maybe Pietrus fits my team needs more and I think he's established himself as a starter in Orlando too. Experts, can you help me out?

H2H/10 Team league/standard cats.
I've been winning 5-4 or losing 4-5 each week, 7th place and having a hard time gaining ground---Yuck!

PG: Baron Davis
SG: Terry
G: Hedo
SF: Rudy Gay
PF: Gerald Wallace
F: Marion
C: Bynum
UTIL: Ilgauskas
UTIL: David Lee

BN: Hawes, JR Smith
INJ: Ginobolli
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