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Default Re: Changes to FIBA court markings in 2010

Originally Posted by b.jerk
Do you really want another nba where the court is so large that the game becomes just a bunch of really tall people shooting jumpshots

Hmmmm.... really tall people who shoot jumpshots. Sounds like the Euroleague to me. Drive inside and kick it out to someone to shoot a short 3. At least a large court makes it a legit shot. Right now they aren't even shooting college 3's.

I can see where you might have apprehension about the trapezoid lane. I can't understand why anybody would be against a bigger court. You're players are evolving. They are getting more athletic. Why would you want to hinder their athleticism? Why do you want rules to allow inferior players the opportunity to compete?

One thing people hate is change. I think in time you will see this change is for the better.
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