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Default Re: What's your vert?

Ok then, that makes my standing reach 8'1.

Off of no step/one step gather two footed, I can get like 2 inches above the rim so: 10'2-8'1= 25 inches.

With a runup and one footed, since I am a one footed jumper, I can get like 5-6 inches above the rim:

10'5-8'1= 28 inches, and i am 14 years old.

Here is a pic with a one step gather, that i took during photography class at school, I am 100% certain the rim is 10 foot and later on maybe after next class i can get a picture with me with a runup one footed in an indoor gym.

EDIT: Put it as thumbnail now.

Not the best jump/picture, but if i can take another one ill upload it.

If you are wondering btw, I'm 14, 6'1, reach is 8'1, and I weigh about 145.

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