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I think so. Mike plays more like a SG sometimes. He's great moving without the ball and hitting open jump shots.

Ron loves bringing the ball up, atleast that's what he said. He plays kind of a Pippen role I guess, he's a pretty good passer for a SF. Also he's pretty hard for SFs to stop in the post so if he plays there enough like he should than teams will have to double team and Bibby/Martin/Miller should knock down the open 3.

Then again there are some teams with cap space who could use Mike a lot IMO, like the Grizzlies. Bibby would fit next to Gasol pretty well(he was great when playing with a good big man, I mean I realize Pau is no Webber but he's still pretty good). Like you said Mike will be a free agent. Maybe it would be the best for the Kings to trade him, I'm not sure if he and Musselman will work out anyway but more because Musselman wants everyone to play good defense. I mean actually Mike was a decent defender when he was skinnier in like 02 and 03 but he has gotten really bad at it as he's put on weight. He went on a strict diet and lost 18 pounds so I'm hopefuly he can play good D.

Your question is a good one that Petrie and Musselman will have to think about, especially if things don't go too well between Mike and Muss or Mike is going to ask for too much money. As a fan I guess all I can do is sit and wait which kind of sucks.
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