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Originally Posted by Da KO King
Why has no one mentioned the fact that Mario Williams is playing all positions along the line? Why no mention that in his first game he forced the Philly Eagles to scrap about 10 of their base running plays because his combination of size, quickness, and speed would allow him to get to the ball carrier totally unblocked.

Williams is a special talent. He's just as special a D-Linemen as Bush is a RB. Difference is that RB is a lot easier to make the NCAA to NFL transition. Especially when said Lineman is learning all the line positions at once.

Why is he being taught all the positions on the line? Only a few guys like Reggie White who can play all positions on the DL with success. Mario is now in that mold and being shaped to be similar to that? Or is he lost as a pass rushing DE?

Kearse, Peppers, Freeney, Rice to name a few didnt have do learn the entire DL. Either Mario is Super or he is lost.

Darren Howard can play DT and DE. Darwin Howard can play DT & DE. Eh.

I dont think no one is mentioning what you did because everyone expected pressure off the edge. I mean it was sold to the public Mario was a primere pass rusher and you dont pass those up. So we are expecting the rush off the edge, not someone to be studying various positions for some odd reason.

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