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Originally Posted by GOBB
Why is he being taught all the positions on the line? Only a few guys like Reggie White who can play all positions on the DL with success. Mario is now in that mold and being shaped to be similar to that? Or is he lost as a pass rushing DE?

Kearse, Peppers, Freeney, Rice to name a few didnt have do learn the entire DL. Either Mario is Super or he is lost.

Darren Howard can play DT and DE. Darwin Howard can play DT & DE. Eh.

I dont think no one is mentioning what you did because everyone expected pressure off the edge. I mean it was sold to the public Mario was a primere pass rusher and you dont pass those up. So we are expecting the rush off the edge, not someone to be studying various positions for some odd reason.

The Texans coaching staff is teaching him all the positions because they want to be able to move him up and down the line. The thinking is that the more they have to make the other team focus on Williams the more plays others can make.

People are so wrapped up in being impressed by Bush's open field running that they are over-looking how big an athletic freak Williams is. He is 6'7" 300 lbs with a size, speed, quickness, and strength combination that allows him to make (potentially) plays that no other defensive end can make. Think about that for a second...

In that Eagles game the Birds twice ran running plays/concepts in which the ball goes away from Williams side. The concept has the away side Offensive Tackle give a scrape block on the DE (Mario) and move to the next level of defenders. These concepts are part of Philly's base runs.

The play is designed that way because the ball is going far enough away from the DE that normally a scrape block slows him enough that he can't make the play.

Williams got to Westbrook and slowed him enough for others to make the play and stop him for just a minimal gain both times. Philly never ran those types play again with Williams in the game.

He single handly removed a chunk of Philly's base runs because he could make a play that no other DE could make. That's not common and Defensive Coordinators would love to have guys like that.

Once Houston figures out what they want to do with him and he tones down the aggressiveness he's going to be an impact player.
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