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Originally Posted by HaNdLe ThE RoCk
Texans should have drafted bush, Mario is a bust

I just dont see all the hype over Bush so far. He hasnt produced anything close to the All World, Gale Sayers like #s he was supposed to.

23 catches, 187 yards, 8.1 ypc, 0 TDs
45 carries, 147 yards, 3.3 ypr, 0 TDs
9 punt returns for 57 yards, 6.3 ypr, 0 TDs
0 kick returns for 0 yards, 0.0 ypr, 0 TDs

What is so spectacular about any of that? I never said he isnt talented but to act like he walks on water just blew my mind from day 1. He isnt scoring, he isnt leading his team in anything (2nd in rushing, 3rd in receiving, 2nd in PRs, not returning kicks), basically he is just a contributor to his team. Not like he is out there dominating the competition like the hype that came with the name Reggie Bush would indicate he would be doing.

geeWiz, you can sit there and compare him to NBA players but to compare him to people like Chris Paul and LeBron James is a joke. Those players were flat out producing a 1/4 of the way into their rookie seasons, which is where the Saints are in their NFL schedule.

Once he starts doing something in the NFL you can start dumping on Mario Williams. Until then, IMO, neither of them are exactly living up to the hype of being the 1st or 2nd pick in the draft.
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