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Originally Posted by Da KO King
Miles, the infatuation with Bush has nothing to do with his numbers. Its about how he gets those numbers. He's the only player RB in football you can argue is more dangerous in space than Ladainian Tomlinson.

People want and need to be entertained and Bush brings entertainment every game and potentially every play. In football how you get the numbers is at times just as important as the numbers.

That's why people are high on Reggie and think Mario stinks.
that doesnt have a damn thing to do with who is a better player though. Im not a big williams fan because i personally think he wasnt the best player on his own defense in college(im a big Manny Lawson fan). That said, the reggie Bush hype is just hilarious. This is something you triple threat people need to get through your head, Hes an average at best return guy. His all purpose yards were padded at USC because the trojans let him return kickoffs despite the fact that he sucked at it(17 ypr on kickoffs in college is a disgrace) and 10 yards per punt return isnt that special either. For all the talk about him being a rushing, receiving return threat, you would think he was the worlds greatest return guy, not an average one. He has had solid enough receiving numbers but he hasnt done crap this year.

The offensive line argument doesnt hold much water because deuce has been better than him on his own team and last time i checked they have the same olines. Im not trying to defend the mario pick because i think they should have drafted vince or traded the pick but the bush love is just sad. And whoever said he could be the best ever needs to wake up. Adrian peterson is at least twice the prospect bush is.
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