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Originally Posted by TMacsOneGoodEye

But I guess you've never seen one of Mariodeathgrips violent e-bursts where he hulks the **** out on page 3 leaving everyone in a state of confusion for 17 pages then transforms into bruce banner and shows up the first post of page 20 saying "What happened? I feel so groggy. IS EVERYONE OKAY?"
Oh believe me I have, I see it all the time in the Laker forum. He posts essays talking about his personal life about how he lives close to Sac-town and he must keep it a secret that he is a Laker fan or otherwise his boss will fire him, and how his 8 year old son got jumped by 3 kids because he was wearing a Laker jersey

And he said that his son posted the thread "Kings vs. Monarchs" and not him.
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