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Default Re: Rose Crossover!

Originally Posted by Undisputed
This guy is no better than BULLS when it comes to Derrick Rose.

It's going to be a long day for Da KO King if Rose gets ROY.

Vets around the league praise Rose, and teams double him, what a crappy rookie. Right?

Well he wasnt incorrect saying Rose crossover was unimpressive. Just look at it. He really didnt do anything that cant be done in a bball drill. The reason we love/like this highlight is because Andre Miller fell. His head followed the ball but his body wanted to keep on going the other direction. You ever play a video game with a glitch and the player slides on the court? Kinda reminded me of that. So he isnt hating saying the crossover was unimpressive.

And speaking on his footwork is valid as well. DA KO King doesnt hate moreso is critical of the flaws in Rose game that the casual fan tends to ignore or be oblivious too. Plus he is a scout so his eye for the game/players is different than ours. He is lookin at things we tend not too. He's never slammed Rose.

But he does hate on my boy AI cuz he is a Knicks/Marbury. AI as a youngster used to give Newwwww York Neeeeeew York the business fouling out thier PGs. Plus the beef/rivalry of Marbury vs AI was pretty fun/entertaining back then as well. Marbury always wondered why he never got the same credit as AI did when he produced and impacted just as well. Marbury will and has never been better than Bubba Chuck DA KO King.
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