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Default Re: Rose Crossover!

Originally Posted by Dengness9
He was hating man. Saying the crossover is "umimpressive" is absolutely pathetic. It wasn't an amazing cross, but it was enough to put a veteran PG all the way on his ass.

So saying it was unimpressive is pathetic but saying it wasnt amazing is ok? As they say on nfl countdown with boomer, ditka, keyshawn, cris carter and tom jackson?


"And speaking on his footwork is valid as well. DA KO King doesnt hate moreso is critical of the flaws in Rose game that the casual fan tends to ignore or be oblivious too." ----- GOBB on DA KO King.

So Rose's crossover somehow turned into a discussion of Derrick's flaws????

His footwork was on display when he did the unimpressive crossover. What should anyone say if they deem something unimpressive?

"I wont explain why. It was just unimpressive"

U 2 couldn't just the let the play be what it is.

You 2? Now you're lumping me as someone who didnt enjoy the highlight? Why? Dont answer because its typical of posters here. So caught up in replying and defending they forget who they are replying to and why.

I laughed at the highlight in the Bulls vs Sixers gamethread and and this happened right AFTER he chased down Andre Miller and blocked his shot which I as well.

My response in this thread was to a poster who exagerrated this being the best crossover he's ever seen. I've seen hundreds better. Thats no knock but the highlight was moreso Andre Miller falling and not the actual crossover.

I still laugh at the play. Andre Miller got sat down. I dont have to overrate it because you can watch Jamal Crawford do a crossover move not many in this thread could pull off. What Rose did? You could do. Whether you drop your man? Probably not unless you set him up right and are quick to change direction. But the shyt Jamal Crawford does? Nah. To me? Thats an impressive crossover. But it doesnt diminish from Rose highlight dropping Dre Miller.

Hopefully you can understand and we dont sit here arguing back and forth over something silly.
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