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Default Re: Timberwolves fire coach Randy Wittman, Kevin McHale takes over

Originally Posted by Darius
The T-Wolves are just a sad team.

I say this as a Clipper fan (another sad team) who watched the Clips play Memphis and then Minny back-to-back.

Memphis has a poor record but they have a lot of talent (Mayo, Gay, Gasol, Arthur, Critt, Conley, Warick), so at least they have hope.

Clippers have a poor record but at least they have alot of proven vets (Baron, Kaman, Camby, Randolph), so at least they have hope.

The Wolves have NOTHING except Jefferson, Love and a Mike Miller (who is getting older). Seriously, they have nothing but Jefferson, Love and a bunch of undersized combo guards.

They are sad and have no hope for the future - a bad combo.
It's so sad, its true.

We have a ton of potential picks coming up this years if the stars align. Need a Portland Trailblazers 2006 like draft to have any sort of hope. If Mcfails picking them, its all but over. This is the guy who gave up Roy, Granger and Mayo.
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