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Default Unique Yahoo league- 10 of 14 teams win prizes

I'm looking for 5 or so owners to join a core group of knowledgeable and active owners in a Yahoo league that is designed to be competitive.

The league will have the following 8 categories... Pts, reb, ast, stls, blks, 3 pointers made, fg%, and ft%

We will have 14 teams. This will be a non-keeper league. That keeps out the dump trades.

Each team will have 14 players, 11 active and 3 bench

The 11 active players will be 2 C, 4 F, 4 G, and 1 UT (any position)

The league will be ran on Yahoo. We will have a trade deadline of the end of February (exact date will be announced later), and the draft will be an offline email or message board draft.

The draft order will be randomly determined, and will be a serpentine draft. Since it will be an offline draft, it is important for everyone to come together in order to keep the draft moving. Send out a list if you wont have internet access for a while, and your pick is coming up. Each person will have a 24 hour window maximum to make their pick, otherwise it is forfeited. Ideally, we should be able to get in close to two rounds per day. Thats pretty much the pace of other offline drafts that I have been in.

The league fee will be $40 bucks, payable by check or money order. I'd like to have this by the time the season starts. Otherwise, I wont allow you to make any moves until you are paid up.

The prize breakdown will be as follows: Each team that finishes in the TOP TEN will get $1 for every 2 points he earns in the final Yahoo standings. In addition to this, the first place team will get 50% of the remaining prize money, second 33.33%, third 16.67%

Example: Assuming we have 14 teams @ 40 bucks apiece, there will be $560 prize money available.

We have 8 categories, so the total of all points earned in Yahoo in a 14-team league is 840 (8 categories X 7.5 avg pts per category X 14 teams).

840 divided by 2 is $420. Each 2 points by the top ten finishers earns a buck. The additional $140 will go into the prize pool, along with the money left on the table by the bottom four teams, to be divvied up among the top three teams as specified above.

A team that is precisely average in this league will earn $30. (7.5 pts per category X 8 categories = 60 pts / 2 = $30)

The bottom 4 teams will likely have an average of 50 or so pts apiece, which would leave an additional $100 prize money available for the top three teams. 50 X 4 = 200 / 2 = $100

Assuming my estimations above, the best team in this league will probably have around 110 points, and would win $55 based on the points, and an additional $120 for finishing first, for a total of $175.

The top ten teams are guaranteed to win prize money under this system. As many as 5 or 6 teams may at least recoup the $40 league fee, depending on how the standings shake out.

Teams will have the option of applying their winnings towards next year's fee, assuming that their owners return, instead of getting a check mailed to them at the end of the year.

I think doing it this way will increase the competitiveness of the league, since you control your own destiny, and it will help the common issue of people not trying or quitting if their team isnt destined to finish near the top. Teams should strive to make at least the top 10, in order to win something, instead of just vying for the top three spots.

First come, first serve. I'd like to start the draft in the next week or two. Email me at if you are interested.


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