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I'd really like to know where the hell you find this stuff. It's not surprising that this is out there. But whoever writes it is on some serious drugs and are paranoid out of their mind.

To answer your question: No, it's not true.

1) Because everything you spew out on this board is pure garbage.
2) Because none of that has happened. The Cuban Missile Crisis was real. Not as it was portrayed in this dump article. People are just so damn paranoid. This is what drugs do to people.
3) I'll say this about Hitler, I didn't read the whole article because after the first 3 paragraphs I called bull**** yet again. Hitler just hated the world. He loved Germany. America didn't hire him.

All of these conspiracies are coming from people who don't want to believe the truth. They constantly live in some fantasy world. I wonder what you're friends, if you even have any, think of you. They must think you're retarded for believing some of the things you so strongly support.
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