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Originally Posted by AppleNader
Hi guys. Just got Live 07 for PC. Here are my initial impressions after about 2 days of playing for a couple select areas....I will add more as I play more

The Live series is famous for a sh&t load of bugs, and 07 really takes the cake in this regard. First of all, if you play a game, the CPU will NOT substitute. The opponent will generally play its starting lineup for literally every single minute of a quarter except for very rare exceptions. Doesn't matter if you get 3 fouls in the first quarter, or you literally have no energy left. In the games that I played, the entire opposing starting lineup had 3-5 fouls and 0 energy left in the 4th quarter, yet the CPU will NOT substitute.

Guard domination
Already a huge problem in 06 where the opposing PG would absolutely torch you on almost every occasion. Well, the brilliant EA Sports developers decided to take that to an entirely new level this time. Now, the opposing PG will shoot almost EVERY single possession...its absolutely nuts. Half of the time, he will drive and try to get the call. The other half of the time, he will pop up for a fade away 20ft. contested jumper. He rarely rarely passes. I played against the Bobcats, and Brevin Knight scored 55 points on 20/67 shooting (and these were on realistic sliders). Retarded. I spent an hour re-adjusting sliders so this would occur less, but it is still blatantly noticeable.

Superstar moves
Petarded. This one concept alone highlights the fundamental difference between Live and 2k7. In Live, somebody with a superstar mode (particularly outside scorers like the grossly overrated Shawn Marion in this game) will almost ALWAYS use it to shoot. It is absolutely ridiculous. Once, the opponent got out on the fast break and JJ was on the wing spotting up for a 3 (e.g. Suns style). In a moment of pure brillilance, JJ gets the ball and instead of shooting a pretty little set shot (like in real life), he does this retarded little "outside scorer" move in which he basically twists his entire body around, scissor kicks his legs, and flares his arms out in a wild but supposedly "cool" looking shot attempt. Of course, knowing NBA Live, it goes in.

Again, a huge problem in the past Live series. People literally spent hours adjusting sliders to get realistic rebounding numbers. To fix this problem in 07, the developers apparently decided to make rebounding even more obscure in the hopes that little kids would prefer to see acrobatic offensive rebounds that lead to alley-oops instead of a realistic defensive board. For example, I once took control of Tim Duncan and situated myself firmly near the basket in anticipation of the opposing PG launching a horrendous shot (read pt. #2). When the shot bounced off the rim, I naturally boxed out and jumped up for a defensive rebound (something that would have worked in Live 06). However, in 07, jumping up for a rebound can under certain circumstances cause your player to do retarded things. Basically, Tim SHOULD have jumped straight up and gotten the board, but instead he jumped all the way out towards the free throw line....thus resulting in ANOTHER offensive board by the opposing team (35 in total for that game). Idiocy.

Dynasty Mode
In some ways, it improved since you have more detailed control over your team. However, they really took what was good about previous dynasties and basically mashed them up into a piece of sh&t. Take your PDA for example. In previous years, everything was nicely organized into different sections, such as Coaching/Owner/Trades/etc. Now, EVERY piece of news you get is compressed into one massively long unorganized piece of sh&t list. So if I get 10 new messages, it will no longer be organized by category. Now, it will just be a nearly unreadable list of 10 new messages. To top it off, unread messages are in "charcoal grey", while read messages are in "black". What kind of retard thought this up. Seriously?

**Note, these are just initial impressions after 2 days of playing. There ARE a few improvements over past years, but it really is trivial compared to blatant holes in gameplay this time. More to come.
You must really hate live cuz everything you said was untrue about my version of live 07. Not to mention you never really looked at any positives of the game whatsoever.
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