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Originally Posted by 04mzwach
You must really hate live cuz everything you said was untrue about my version of live 07. Not to mention you never really looked at any positives of the game whatsoever.

no sh&t I didn't explain the positives...I said that in my first post numbnut.

Second of all, you are lying lilke a little brat saying that everything was untrue, considering that an open letter by the admin staff of NBA Live Series Center forums was written to EA Sporst regarding the blatant substitution bug as well as countless other things that needed to be patched....on top of that EA Sports even admitted that those were things they needed to fix.

Try explaining the strengths yourself. I showed Live 07 as what it was, a far inferior basketball simulation compared to 2k7. Hell, you probably get more enjoyment from running around the court and dunking all the time, but not even an honest Live fan is going to say that it is a better simulation that 2k
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