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Originally Posted by 04mzwach
I never gave a review thread but i did review it b4. I never said it was better than 2k7 and I really don't know about the substitutions, but you must be playing a different version than mine because I know my PG doesn't shoot every shot. He rarely shoots right when he brings it up the court. I don't think he ever shoots right away if you actually D up. Did you play the game? When I'm playing, the guys take wide open shots and no fade aways when they're wide open like you say. I'm not lying, I don't have a reason to lie. I didn't come in here saying 2K7 SUCKS, DONT BUY IT...I gave 2k7 a better rating than I did Live but why give a ****ty review about a game you probably never played?

...among countless others.

Are you even playing the PC version? Are you completely blind to the blatant gameplay faults that any basketball fan could see? Honestly, I don't see how you could even be defending this game...its strengths are the exact same strengths that 06 had (which were not many). Almost 0 improvements have been made. In fact, many aspects have taken a dive. How can you defend this? You probably are playing Live like most kids...running and dunking and using superstar triggers
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