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Default Re: Game 23 vs Rockets

Originally Posted by qrich
Oh man, $25 for $150 seats, this **** is great. Game was amazing, Zach is a BEAST and Baron seems to finally have gotten it going. Collins is impressing me with his relentless attack, but besides that and his decent handles, he's worthless.

And all this is without Kaman, when he comes back, I think this team'll struggle since Zach and Camby have created such great chemistry together, at least that is how they play. I know we are 7.5 games out of the 8th seed, but I can't give up on it. Hell, were 8.5 games out of the 3rd seed. We have a pretty cupcake schedule coming up with @ OKC/@ Chicago/@ Indiana/@ Milwaukee and vs Toronto. We should take 4 of those, to at least get us up to 10-18, and with Dallas/Sac/Phila left to end the year, if we can get to 12-19, if not better, we could have a huge turnaround.

Oh yeah, it was funny when the scoreboard and PA had the electric problem and the entire Staples Center was still as loud with the fans.

how did you pull of that deal?
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