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u were right on with my pick of Mason. He was my 12th rd pick and Jerry Stackhouse was my 13th rd pick, who I later dropped for Juwan Howard so I could get a few more rebs and someone who shoots above 40%. I was debating whether to drop Mason or Stackhouse because their stats are pretty similar but decided to keep Mason just because he'll be starting. Here's a list of some of the more notable SG's/SF's that are available in my league...

Juan Dixon
Deshawn Stevenson
Flip Murray
Eddie House
Kevin Martin
Jerry Stackhouse
Bonzi Wells
Marquis Daniels
John Salmons
Salim Stoudamire
Jared Jefferies
James Posey
Quentin Richardson
JR Smith
Martell Webster
Jumaine Jones
Ruben Patterson
Grant Hill
Ryan Gomes
Hakim Warrick
Gerald Green

What do you think... Take a risk with Grant Hill?? Personally, I like JR Smith the most on that list but he's just like Mason. Kevin Martin and Deshawn Stevenson would probably be the next safest picks, dont you think? Those 4 guys I just mentioned are the only guys from that list that'll probably be starting for their teams. What's your opinion?
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