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@ JRT1584
Lets go man. Desmond Mason over Bonzi is a sin. Even over Kevin Martin is bad. I'm surprized JR Smith and Hill are still out there too. I know I hate on JR but he is worth a shot for some teams - NOT YOURS THOUGH.

So yeah pick up Bonzi now and thank me for the 20-20 games later. I would even give up Howard for Hill because if you get lucky and Hill starts the season healthy then you know you are going to get solid numbers without TOs which is what you need. Kevin Martin may be better than Wells this year. Although if he as any respect for his father, Kevin will allow Bonzi safe passage into retirement. Its respect! More on that one later. I am cooking up a storm of a Bonzi Wells thread in my dome right now. Anyway, if I were you I'd drop Juan Howard and D. Mason and cop Wells or Martin and Grant Hill. I may even drop Allston and pick up which ever of the father or son you didnt have. I say to first get Bonzi though. NOW! RUN!

And, hey, aren't I only looking at your G/F free agency list. Cinnamon and Gravy!! Tell me there is 110 or less players picked in your league? If so that is forgiveable - it doesnt take away the hurt - but forgivable. If its 120 or more I am shocked by who is available and we're only seeing the FA for one position.

I love Bonzi Wells' game and what he gives you on a fantasy team. He's not gonna kill or help you on FT or FG% but he will be oh so generous with REBS and PTS and some games he will drop ASSTS and others he will draw the BLK card. He could get hot and hit a 3. Hey, its whatever with Bonzi. Honestly, he coughs it up a tick more than you would like but he does that to keep himself modest. Again I love Kevin Martin because I respect his father Bonzi Wells so much. If I tell you why on this Thread then I will be detracting from the point of this RATE MY TEAM theme and I don't want to do that. Nobody puts Bonzi in a corner. Bonzi gets his own Thread.

Quickly, though I did a little resizerch on various blowhards fantasy drafts and rankings and all those statistical engines out that that dont take into account someone's wholistic journey in this league. Yeah, thats right, i said it, wanna fight about it. Everywhere I go I see Wells getting slept on and so is little Bonzi. Some sites have Garnett at 2. Some sites have Garnett at 6. Some sites have Lebron at 1 some have him at 5. Its crazy. I dont want to try to figure it. All different sites and they seem to be counting the same sh!t? Well they well-overslept the Bonzi buzzer because they have him between 120 and 160 in all places but one. Sad, really. But it gets my gears burning.

So If you don't have about, oh, i'd estimate 20 minutes or so, don't start to read my next post until you're ready. I don't know if anyone's ready

.....I'm really gonna Stretch old Tess out now....


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