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Originally Posted by bigfootornado
Rate my team, 12 team league

PG-Baron Davis
SG-Kirk Hinrich
G-Smush Parker
SF-Michael Redd
PF-Elton Brand
F-Marvin Williams
C-Yao Ming
C-Kurt Thomas
Util-Darko Milicic
Util-Stephen Jackson
bench-Nene Hilario
bench-Tim Thomas
bench-Bonzi Wells

I know i'm a little crazy. Sure i'm feigning the extent to which I am in support of Bonzi. So, in all seriuosness, you drafted Bonzi so you're gonna win. Drop the rest of the team. Thats it. I'm Done. Thanks.

FOR REAL: Squad is not bad at all. Pretty solid. Don't see the championship though without making moves. I do like your picks though. You do have that potential surprize factored value that can get you to the top. Good looking on Wells, Tim Thomas - way to recognize a late resurgence. He would keep it going. He will most likely take u down on FG% but its a bench guy so whatever and I dont thinkn you have to be worried with FG%. And NENE rounds out a very solid bench squad. You took late round calculated risks that may shock your league and but worth the upside.

How long can Kurt Thomas continue to be drafted in leagues by the way. Believe me, i find him on my squad every other year via the draft. And then every other year after that sometime during the season via the waiver, a multi plyr deal, or on the drop/add routine to try to save a floundering team. He's solid but doesnt spread the wealth on the stat sheet. And you know what, neither do 80% of the Centers that your league is going to run through this season so I like big Kurt for a 10-10 guy. Nice and easy. And over in denger NENE's still their expensive sleeping giant. Hopefully by Game 1 he starts to give some of that money back in the form of a 12-10-1-3 and 50% and works his way up from there. If he was where he was 2 years ago pre-injury - which was I think 14 pts 7 or 8 rebs and maybe 2.5 blks then your team is in good shape....Good shape....

Good shape to weather the offensive team that other people in your leage will rain on you. Their gonna no look assist the hell outa you. Full court 3 pointers will start to go in. Its gonna be nuts. YOu may get lucky and win a few weeks in PTS because thats a category that always has its fluke weeks....But, no offense, kidding aside, look hard at the FA list now, right when the season starts. If you dont think you can help your Pts and 3s situation with trades or drop/adds then it may be a wise move to swallow the pride and trade a guy like Redd and maybe Baron and/or S. Jackson early for a few players or one player that will can get you up to that Untouchable status in REBS and BLKS and get you better in assists. Look for a the teams with Josh Smith, Dolante West, Chris Bosh, Marcus Camby, Kirelenko, Odom, Diaw, or Ike Diagu (he may be available still to pick up as a FA after you trade and need to fill one more). Those are all players that BLK like hell and will really help you get competitive in ASTS. Some are players the other way around like Dolante. And some are those fantasy gems like Kirelenko that let me down so much last year with injuries. Odom and Diaw are some others. I hope Odom plays this year. Feel bad about his kid. Oh and Brad Miller is a guy that could fit so well with your team. That C that ASTS more than he PTS. Excellent idea. Whats good about your situation is that you can really pull the wool over some owners eyes. Show him lots of fun and neat 3PM and PPG that he doesn't realise what he's doing when he trades Kirelenko for Michael Redd....I did that last year....I got Kirelenko and Okafore and gave up Redd and a Berezec that I picked up that day from FA....Oh my god it was so sweet. Then they both get injury sickness and I only get Kirelenko back for a few excellent games. I came in 2nd place. It was an auto Championship move if only one of them stayed strong. Just one!!!!

Elton Brand is beastly, thats obvious. You picked him first. Michael Redd is one of the most fun players if you love the 3 ball/Point scorer. To be brutally honest, but I see Redd, again, as a guy that only hits the 3 and scores the buckets (he's good at STLS to if I remember) and that is a wasteful thing on your team. That offense is left to the wind because it comes with nothing else when you need everthing else but that which he works so hard for. You're just too low in scoring for 12 team 13 player league. I don't see Baron Davis doing that ill scoring and dishing which would warrant the heavy rating pre-season by everyone in the antasy world. But I could be wrong. Oh and let me say that if everything works out for your team (NENE, Tim Thomas, If Bonzi has half the season he did last year, Baron) then that scoring will help you to e competitive. But if , say, 2 don't come through then your out Pts and 3s and ASTS

Coulda been harsh to say your team makes Redd a waste. But you gotta understand where I'm coming from. Right now you're a bubble team. But I see potential for the Chip if you can move the chess board in your favor. Because there are some teams I've seen on here that are hopeless. Its tough to see a guys squad and know right there that its, well, its just sad.

So you have a very solid squad. Go out there and play the GM a little. Its a squad worth hearing about later on this season. Good Luck
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