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I've been playing a bit more this afternoon. The substitution bug thing literally and completely ruins the gameplay. I know we like to complain about the "little things", but this quite literally makes gameplay horrible. I was forced to keep switching sides every 5 minutes on 8 minute quarters to make substitutions for the CPU, and then switch back and continue playing. Total waste of time.

Also, there is a serious problem with offensive rebounding by the CPU. For fun, I played as the 90s All-stars versus the Cavs. By the end of the game, Ilgauskas had racked up 20 offensive rebounds alone. In total, the Cavs grabbed 28 offensive rebounds and 20 defensive rebounds.

Also, there is a serious "awareness" problem among your own teammates when balls hit the rim. I counted at least 6 separate occasions when a CPU player would miss a driving layup, and then the ball would fall to the ground while David Robinson, Karl Malone, and Grant HIll stood around listlessly, while the CPU player grabbed another offensive rebound for a 2nd chance point.
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