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Default Re: Clippers, clippers, clippers...

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
And why is that??

I'm just trying to show some love to the clips....

I love that Zbo+Bdiddy+Juice Combo...

I dont understand whats insulting?

Reading your post I felt condescension all over, but granted that may just be me.. so Ill adjust it to that.

However you act as if the team is currently winning, when in fact they are fighting an uphill battle, with a bad record and difficult losses.. So now they are not quite at the level of getting it done, and I would imagine that the fans realise that also, and are frustrated by it.

I just have been meaning to come in here and show our lil "sisters" some

I'm jp about the lil sister part fellas...

Now I know you may have been jokin' But as you well know, Laker fans and Clipper fans tend to dislike each other with quite heavy passion.. So calling them "lil Sisters" even in jest, is still said with quite the 'Put Down Humor'.

But to be quite frank it may not have been taken as bad content by others.. but personally I just think it aint cool to attribute female name tags to other teams..
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