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Default Re: Game 25 vs Bulls

Originally Posted by dab0yech0
That was very retarded of Al, sometimes I wonder if his IQ is any higher than Corey Maggettes'

I know he has resembled CMagg in the past... but now its getting to close for comfort!

I actually think that Al. is having a difficult time dealing with being the 3rd or 4th guy. Last season he would get free opportunities to go on personal scoring runs and to be the main focus of the offence with equal footing to Kaman and CMagg. Plus, both of those players were unavailable for good amount of time due to injuries.

Now he has to deal with Davis as the main ball handler. Randolph being the go-to-guy. Camby being the receipiant of loose balls. And E.Gore getting a healthy amount of touches.

I think hes getting lost, attempting to find a suitable role.

I was thinking that with such a veteran group, that if Kaman is ultimately dealt, that it be for a savy sf who plays solid man defence. Which is something that the Clipps dont currently have. Then you can have Al Thornton come off of the bench to deliver heavy offencive power.

However I think that my notions would not sit too well with Al (who im sure enjoys being a starter) and MikeD who thinks highly of Thornton's potential.

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